Online Workshop

Due to the current climate all workshop will be held online. 

During lockdown I want you all to be supported to continue to connect to each other and have a space that will support your mental health and wellbeing.


Photo credit to: Jayden Ostwald at Oshun Yoga 

Friday October 1st

Feminine warrior


You're invited to connect with your divine feminine warrior. We all have one that lives inside of us. The energy that is expressed when you embrace flow, creativity, play, boundaries, vulnerability, authenticity and connect with your intuition. We don't always give ourselves permission to fully express this side of our being. Now is the time.


The Feminine Warrior circle is a safe space where you can feel heard and have the opportunity to: 


  • Connect deeper with like-minded beings 

  • Deepen your connection to the self 

  • Be seen and heard in your full expression of yourself

  • Step away from the need to pretend to be someone else

  • Let go of the pressure to compete or judge yourself or others

  • Be love; to give and receive 

  • Feel supported and nurtured by other beings

  • Take time for yourself 

  • Own your vulnerability as your strength

  • Know that you do not walk alone

You will need 

  • Journal and pen 

  • Comfy clothes

*Everyone is welcome!


** Please note this is not a group therapy session and it is not a substitute for seeking medical or mental health advice or support. You understand and agree that you are responsible for your own health; mental, emotional, and physical.